Breakout Program

At GHC19 we’re trying something a little bit different. Instead of lining up for overflowing breakouts and always missing out on the, ever popular, hands on experiences, we’re making waves. Each delegate will a part of one of ten waves, each experiencing six different breakouts across the conference which explore our six breakout themes. Delegates will be given their wave at registration on the 16th of August. We hope you enjoy your blind date with global health!

Breakout Themes

Copy of Life in the Field

Many GHC attendees envision themselves as one day assuming the noble mantle of “global health volunteer”, but how does this experience play out in day-to-day life? This breakout is designed to facilitate story-time, where presenters transport delegates into their respective global health field, whether that involves mental health advocacy for doctors or volunteers, recovering from vicarious trauma, or unique projects developed in remote or overseas locations. The aim of these breakouts is to explore emotionally engaging stories that leave delegates feeling inspired to plough their own way through the field.

In remote medical environments overseas, simple things we take for granted in metropolitan hospitals, like a functioning x-ray or a syringe, may be nowhere in sight. This breakout will throw students into simulated medical scenarios, physically and mentally challenging them to treat patients with limited medical resources, while also considering the cultural sensitivity required when responding to medical scenarios as an outsider. The aim is to provide hands-on, exciting, time-pressured challenges to small teams of students, equipping them to think laterally and empathetically in unfamiliar, low-resource situations.

Copy of Bare Necessities

Copy of Crystal Ball

What does the future of global health look like? This breakout attempts to provide an answer, whether by looking at the impact of future technologies on global health, how the future looks for disenfranchised women, the impending environmental crisis, or wars, natural disasters and pandemics brewing around the corner. The aim of this breakout is to engage attendees with thought-provoking anecdotes and hypotheticals, as well as equip them with information about the world they will inherit as future doctors.

Every day, we scroll past another global tragedy and passively accept images of heroic medics amongst the ruins as expected set pieces. But, in reality, what is it like to work as a doctor in the midst or aftermath of danger? This breakout looks at the medical situations in current or recent red zones around the world, whether that be the Israel-Palestine conflict, terrorist attacks, rural or remote emergencies, the Ebola crisis, or natural disasters such as Cyclone Idai. The aim is to provide attendees with an emotionally resonant insight into a global health emergency, and educate them as to the role they may one day play in addressing it.

Copy of In The Deep End

Copy of Can I Ask That?

Doctors often have to ask the questions that no one else can. This breakout aims to explore the issues facing many Australian communities we may not interact with deeply in our personal lives but will probably encounter as future practitioners. This includes issues specific to women, LGBTQIA+ communities, new immigrants and refugees, sexual health, Indigenous health, and homeless or low SES populations. The aim is to provide delegates with emotional insight into the minority experience, and enhance their cultural competency in dealing with patients from all walks of life.

Too often in the news, we hear that we are living on borrowed time, or that a group of well-intentioned volunteers have ultimately left a developing community in a worse condition than how they found it. This breakout centres around all facets of sustainability as it relates to global health, whether that be environmental, economical, epidemiological, or in regards to ethical aid. The aim is to combine anecdotal engagement and insightful information in order to educate delegates about how they can help the world to help itself.

Copy of The Long Haul