Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy a 10 pack of social tickets?

This year you and your squad can hit up GHC together for a great deal! Discount tickets are available for SATURDAY and MONDAY social nights only and cost $250 for the pack ($25 per person). This ticket may only be purchased by current medical students. Each group discount ticket is valid for the entry of ten (10) delegates only. All delegates must be a current medical students with an AMSA membership number. This ticket may not be used to attend any other social night. This ticket is non-refundable and non-transferable between nights. You will receive an email following finalisation of the purchase and be required to provide the details of all ten (10) delegates. Delegates must be 18 years or over at the time of the event. The required details include, but are not limited to:

    • Full name

    • University

    • Current year level

    • University email address

    • Mobile number

    • AMSA Registration number

How do I modify my rego?

Need to add accom? Wish you’d grabbed a bus pass? Simply log back in via the registration link and alter you rego! This also applies to updating AMSA numbers.

Do I need an AMSA number?

Yes! In order to register for GHC19 you will need to be a member of AMSA. You can join at In extenuating circumstances, where you are unable to purchase AMSA membership prior to rego, you can use 999999. You will still need to join as an AMSA member and update your details with us after registering.

If you are an International student attending GHC you can use 888888 as a temporary AMSA number.

If you are an alumni purchasing social partials please use 777777 as a temporary AMSA number.

Will there be Partials tickets?

There will be no weekend packages at GHC this year. We also do not plan on releasing any academic partials. This means the best way to experience GHC this year is by purchasing full registration. We will release limited social partials to some of the social nights at a later date. These social partials will also be open to alumni.

What does Bus Pass include?

Bus Pass will give delegates access to conference buses each day of the academic program. In the morning these buses will leave from Sydney CBD, within walking distance to Central Station, and drop delegates at The Roundhouse at UNSW for the start of the academic program. The bus pass will also get you a return trip to the CBD at the end of the academic program. Bus Pass also includes transport to Saturday night social at Max Watts. Transport to Immersion Day is included for all delegates.

When does GHC start?

GHC starts at midday on Friday, 16th of August.

How much is full rego?

Full rego is $300, making GHC one of the most affordable student-run conferences

How much is accommodation?

Our accommodation package is $340. This means full rego with accommodation for 4 nights from Friday to Monday will be $640.

Where is the conference?

The conference will be held at Roundhouse, UNSW. If you’re looking to organise your own accommodation consider staying near Central station and purchasing an additional Bus Pass or using public transport. You may also consider staying within walking distance to the Roundhouse and grabbing a quick Uber to social nights.

What is the schedule for GHC?

GHC will start at midday on Friday with a networking event and registration, followed by opening ceremony and cocktail gala ball.

Saturday and Sunday will be filled with academics and followed by socials.

Monday is our brand new, immersion day with immersion festival in the morning and excursions/grass root activities in the afternoon, followed by closing ceremony and a final social night.

Photo comp entry?

Tag us @ghc_2019 and #makewaves19 or send it to us on facebook!