Immersion Experiences

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Surf Life Saving.jpg

Surf Life Saving Coogee

Channel your inner Zac Efron and learn exactly what it takes to become a Surf Life Saver. You’ll have the chance to uncover what their day-to-day work entails, practise saving a life or two, with the team, and hear about what it’s really like to provide emergency medical care on the water. And while you’ll be keeping your feet on dry land (even Sydney’s beaches get cold, sometimes), Coogee beach is the perfect background to pretend you’ve finally made it on Bay Watch.



Engage with one of Australia’s premiere youth mental health organisations and discover how to empower yourself to become an advocate for change. As future health care professionals, it’s important to learn how to approach youth mental health issues, while maintaining and improving your own self. This experience will teach you how to connect with headspace and will be a safe space to discuss the difficulties that come with treating patients with mental health.


MCA Guided Tours

Delve into the world of contemporary art with the MCA. If you’re a budding picasso or more of an MS paint artist, this experience will help you understand and engage with Australia’s best contemporary pieces. You will learn about curatorial decision-making and have the opportunity to create your own Starry Night in the MCA studio session. Say goodbye to paint by numbers and hello to your inner Warhol.


Kirketon Road Centre

Kirketon Road Centre (KRC) has been pivotal to the King's Cross community for many years, providing an invaluable service to the area. For one day only delegates will experience a tour of their Primary Health Centre and get a glimpse into the work they do, especially surrounding drug and sexual health. Then join KRC director Dr Phil Read, who will lead a presentation and Q&A on issues surrounding primary healthcare, focusing on drugs and needle dispensing programs.


Kadoo Tours

Enjoy a spectacular cultural immersion experience around the beautiful La Perouse area, learning about the traditional owners of the land we are fortunate enough to host our conference on. This will begin with a traditional Welcome to Country and Ochre Ceremony lead by your tour guide who will explain the significance of these events. Then proceed down a loop walk of the surrounding area, where you will have the opportunity to sample local produce and bushtucker, learn about Indigenous farming practices, and so much more!



The Loop Australia is a drug safety testing organisation established in 2018 to develop the sustainable provision of drug checking services in Australia. This session will involve practical demonstration of some analytical processes in relation to drug safety testing. Additionally, delegates will be able to learn how testing services operate, the rationale for testing and the evidence base from existing services. If you are interested in advocating for harm reduction and policy change surrounding drug safety, this session is definitely for you!


Pole Dancing: Achieve Pole Studio

Pole is the most fun way to increase overall strength, body tone, mobility, coordination & confidence. You’ll learn a number of tricks, spins, climbs & sits which will work every part of your body. You don’t need to be fit, strong or flexible as pole is about technique. It’s for everyone!


Aerial Hammock: Achieve Pole Studio

Aerial Hammock is an aerial fitness class where you learn fun elevated tricks & sequences using a fabric sling. The hammock helps you move more freely, with less effort counteracting gravity. Suspension in the air releases tension on the bones, joints & muscles allowing you to increase your flexibility & range of motion. It is low impact and suitable for everyone looking to improve mobility, combat back pain, stress & overall tightness.


Lentil As Anything

In the words of Shanaka Fernando, founder of Lentil As Anything: “We call ourselves a human race, but it’s not a race. It’s not a competition. I prefer the term human kind. It implies kindness”- truly a philosophy to live by. Lentil As Anything aims to provide food without borders: without borders of race or gender, finance or social status. Experience the inspiration behind the initiatives and local projects tied to the vegan chain- and of course, it wouldn’t be an immersive experience without an all-expenses paid meal from their unique, day to day menu!


Our Big Kitchen

It's no secret that food waste costs the Australian economy up to $20 billion a year. And yet, 5% of Australians go hungry every day. Our Big Kitchen (OBK) is a community run kitchen which aims to reduce these statistics by rescuing unwanted foods from supermarkets to create warm and loving meals for many Australians. Come along to the OBK excursion if you want hands-on experience at creating a meal that makes a difference.


Meals on Wheels

Loneliness is forecasted to be the biggest public health crisis for all developed nation moving into the future, leading to health issues such as depression, obesity and cardiovascular problems. Meals on Wheels (MOW) is a not-for profit organization which delivers food to the elderly and host social events to combat loneliness. Their door to door food delivery method helps to foster friendships between volunteers and clients. Come along to the MOW headquarters to meet and hear stories from the volunteers about the amazing work that they do and play a game or two of bingo with their clients!


Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

The Royal Botanic Garden is a beautiful outdoor conservation garden which aims to educate and showcase native Australian plants. The Garden is home to many traditional aboriginal flora, each with a unique story in Aboriginal culture. Come along the guided tour to immerse yourself in the beauty of Australian plants, learn about the traditional owners of the Sydney area the Gadigal people as well as taste some exotic Australian bush foods! (also a great venue for a new facebook dp!)

Wing Chun.jpg

International Wing Chun Academy

Wing Chun is an ancient Southern Chinese martial arts dating back to the 1800s. It was popularised by Bruce Lee’s master, Ip man. Unlike many other martial arts, the creation of Wing Chun can be traced by to a female practitioner. At 15 years old, Yim Wing-Chun was being forced into a marriage with a bandit, and sought Shaolin training from one of the legendary Elders, Abbess Ng Mui. Yim Wing-Chun drove off the bandit by using her version of distilled Shaolin martial arts, now known as Wing Chun. This martial art focuses on agility and efficiency and is still being practiced today. International Wing Chun Academy continues this tradition today and also teaches modern self defence classes. Come along for a fun afternoon and you might learn to hone the power of relaxation to unleash some effective self-defence techniques, whilst improving your health and fitness.


Parliament on King

Are you hungry for change? Nestled in the heart of Newtown is Parliament on King, a cafe that serves not only serves delicious food, but also gives hope and opportunity to asylum seekers, refugees and recent arrivals to Australia. Come have a coffee, and hear from a young Saudi girl who has very kindly offered to share her story with us about the strife that asylum seekers face.


Batyr (youth mental health)

Junior doctor mental health is a silent epidemic that is gripping the medical profession. Australian surveys showed that 1 in 5 medical students reported suicidal ideation in the preceding 12 months. Batyr is a preventative mental health organisation that runs outreach workshops that seeks to dispel the stigma around mental health issues. Join us for an afternoon workshop and pick up skills on how to look after your mental health, and best support your colleagues, reduce stigma around mental health in the medical profession. There is even an opportunity to hear from a young person with a lived experience of mental ill health. Let’s break the silence. Join the herd and be heard.


Improv Yourself

Improv is more than just theatre sports, it's a life skill. No matter where you are, some part of you will always need to act on the fly. The Improv Academy is here to school us on the importance of communication, and how to do it well, in a fun, easy and hands-on class.


This Art Attack

Get creative with experienced art therapists and learn about how art-making can be used for healing. Draw, colour and paint your way to getting to know yourself and your fellow delegates in a safe small group environment. Zero artistic skill or experience required – BYO feelings and everything else is provided!


Rec Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Recreation Therapy, the best kept secret in health. Come and learn about how you can engage with your patients and work closely with recreation therapists. Warning; this session will involve having fun, engagement in activities that will allow you to experience recreation therapy and the health benefits it brings to your patients.


VR killed the radiostar

Why stop at 2D games? Mess around with your very own technology playground as we partner with UNSW LITEroom. Explore another reality in ways you could only dream of; build in space, handle an emergency situation in hospital and even face your fears! We promise there won’t be spiders - at least, not real ones.


You can’t rely on common sense

What would it feel like to live a life designed for someone else? We live in a world that is reliant on people’s fundamental ability to see and hear. So what happens if you are deaf or blind, or both? Together with the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) and NSW Deaf Society, we welcome you to join us in an interactive workshop surrounding deaf culture, blind vision, and how to appropriately engage patients with vision and hearing impairments. We will get your senses tingling by equipping you and your fellow delegates with some practical upskilling as you try your hand (or two) at beginner's sign language


Aaand action!

Imagine a world where your family, friends and colleagues are forced to flee your home out of fear of persecution with little to no personal belongings but the clothes on your back. For some, this world is reality. As horrible tragedies plague our newsfeeds every day, it is easy to become desensitised and fall into the dangerous traps of the bystander effect. Be confronted, be challenged but do not be comforted nor become complacent. Come explore and discuss the stories behind the media headlines of doctors on the frontline of the European migrant crisis as they face incredibly devastating situations daily in the documentary Frontline Doctors: Winter Migrant Crisis


Anzac Memorial Tour

The Anzacs. Ordinary people who made extraordinary sacrifices. As future Australian doctors, it is important for us to appreciate the sacrifices which many men and women have made for us to be here today. The Anzac Memorial is a cultural site which allows for us to commemorate, remember and reflect on the life stories behind our extraordinary soldiers. Come along the Anzac memorial tour if you want to see and hear more about our rich Anzac history.


Build-a-care workshop

Challenge yourself and make some love! For this Experience, we’ve partnered with UTS Engineering Society to create an engaging workshop for you to build a prosthetic limb out of recycled materials. Make hands that pick up, throw and catch! You might even win a thumb war! For a chance to engage with medical engineering, join us at Build-A-Care Workshop!